Tenants Guide

Tenants information guide

  • If there is a property you would like to rent from Westbeach Properties we will need to first have all information from you to put forward to the landlord. When landlord agrees at this stage we would require the £100 holding fee in order to secure the property while references go through. If securing a property for say a month or more, then a months rent holding fee would apply. When you pay the monies on move in day then the agency fee which is £175 per first applicant, £150 second applicant thereafter and £50 for the first guarantor and £25 for the second along with the rent in advance and dilapidations deposit, the £100 holding fee is then deducted off the balance. Please bear in mind that if you simply change your mind or any adverse credit history that had not been disclosed then the agency or £100 holding fee will be kept. The agency fee covers all documentation in order for you to move in which goes towards the referencing costs per applicant, guarantor and administration such as the preparation of the Tenancy Agreement.
  • A guarantor may be needed for example if the applicants salary falls below the referencing companies affordable rate to rent a particular property and the guarantor will need to have a credit search in order to show an income, if the rental payments were defaulted by the tenant
  • We will then get you to fill out an application form either online or hard copy for you to be referenced and credit checked and for you to sign our Terms of Conditions
  • Once the referencing comes back ok which usually can take 7 to 10 days but in some circumstances can be reduced then we will send to you a draft copy of the Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement for you to check through before you move in date
  • On move in date you will need to have cleared funds either cash, bankers draft, or bank transfer to pay the balance of monies required. You will need a month’s rent in advance plus dilapidations deposit which is a month and a half’s rent and this gets held with The DPS (The Deposit Protection Service).
  • Please note that if you do have a pet that the dilapidations deposit will require two months’ rent
  • On move in day you will be given all documentation along with an inventory for you to check through and return back to us within 7 days and the keys.
  • We will notify all services of your start date along with meter readings
  • In regards to the maintenance issues throughout your tenancy this depends on who manages your tenancy. When you move in you will be given all details which will tell you whom to contact in the case of any arising maintenance matters. Generally this will either be us Westbeach Properties or your landlord directly. If the tenancy is fully managed by ourselves your point of contact will be through us. We would also recommend that a tenant takes out their own contents insurance

If you have any further questions or need more information please either call us on 01273 911213 or email us on info@westbeachproperties.co.uk and we will be happy to help.

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