Holiday Lets – Landlords


The Advantages :-

  • Your property can achieve much better income rather than a longer term let.
  • You can use your property whenever you want to
  • Your property is cleaned and looked after each time
  • No costs involved with new Tenancy agreements and having long gaps waiting for new tenants to move in
  • No missing rent as all payments plus deposit is paid upfront
  • Our office is a point of contact throughout their stay and telephone numbers given out in case of any emergencies should arise
  • Your property can also appeal to corporate clients, contract workers looking for a short term let
  • As our company deals with lettings and holiday lets all under one roof and you decide to choose a long term instead we are here to help and advise you throughout the process to make this possible

Marketing your Property:-

  • Website advertising
  • Social media promotion through our Twitter and Facebook pages
  • Advertising in our window display
  • Our website is designed to be displayed on laptops, computers, tablets and mobiles. More customers these days view on their smart phones as a matter of convenience, so this is why it is important your property can be viewed easily for customers making a decision about their holiday let
  • With our eye catching sign that gives a holiday look and our bright and modern office which is along the main seafront road in Hove, as this is the closest parade to the beach with holiday makers passing by

Our Services:-

  • We maintain fast and efficient administration is our commitment to the use of computers to handle the routine tasks. Along with the technology is teamed with friendly and efficient staff who add the all personal touch.
  • Advice given on buying a holiday let
  • We will ensure that all payments have been received before confirming final holiday details and that guests are given full instructions from how to get to your property, collecting keys, given an inventory and information regarding your property they would find useful on their vacation
  • Customers can log onto our website and search for their ideal property and can fill out a request form for us to give them a call. We prefer to speak to our customers over the phone rather than use an online booking form as this makes it more personal and gives us a better picture of what they are looking for and timescales
  • On joining our portfolio you will receive personal service from us with whom we hope you will develop a good working relationship and will always be contactable.
  • Feedback is important to us from yourselves and from customers and always noted in order to maintain a stress free let for the future
  • We will review your property once a year and can advise you of any rental increase that can be achieved
  • We are in contact with professional cleaning companies that can turn the property around in the timescales needed (this is at a separate charge)
  • We recommend and use handyman and builders for any repairs or general maintenance. We notify any customers before in case of any repairs are needed which this comes out of their deposit. For any general maintenance works we can obtain quotes and let you know of the costs beforehand. Within the customer pack they receive from us this will have our approved contractors to speak to in case of emergencies throughout their stay
  • You will receive a statement each time your property has been let
  • We can organise an inventory of your property to give to your guests.
  • On valuation we will give you a list of items such as furniture, appliances to have in your holiday home.
  • In addition we have a lady called Vicky who is an expert in the field of sourcing furniture and décor ideas making this more appealing to customers looking for a holiday let. Please call us on 01273 911213 and we can arrange an appointment for her to meet up with you at your property. There is a separate fee for this service

How it works:-

  • When people make bookings in order to secure the accommodation they pay 25% of the cost of their holiday up front, then 28 days before they are due to arrive they will need to pay the balance of the remaining cost of their accommodation along with the security deposit. Once the balance is received a confirmation email is sent to the guest along with a confirmation email sent to yourselves.
  • The refundable security deposit required is between £250 – £500 depending the size of the accommodation and this will be returned after 7 days end of their stay. If any further cleaning, stains, or spillages on carpets have been made then this can be deducted from their deposit.
  • Payment to yourselves is made 7-10 days once guest has left and their deposit is sorted. A statement will be emailed or posted to yourselves detailing your income and costs.
  • We advise all landlords to take out holiday let insurance separately in case of anything major that may occur during or after a guest leaves
  • We require the guest to sign our terms of business every time we take a booking
  • We charge a rate of 15% for Sole Agency for finding the guest/s and manage their stay at your property. A separate charge is made for all linen, towels etc. Depending on how much is required to be laundered we can discuss this with you and give you an idea on cost when you instruct your property with us.
  • We charge a rate of 20% for Multiple Agency.
  • Guests can collect keys from our office in Hove or we can meet them at the property. Out of hours key collection is possible but they have to pay additional small charge to do this.
  • We will provide guests all information such as contractors out of office emergencies, otherwise their point of contact will be for them to contact us directly. Information on all they need to know about your property such as how the heating works etc will be given to them.
  • When guests leave which will state checkout to be by 10 am then we will instruct the cleaning company to clean and turn property around in preparation of the new arrivals from 3pm.
  • You have to have council’s approval on larger homes i.e. to cater for stag and hen parties. These are known as House of Multiple Occupancy along with fire safety checks.
  • Health and Safety Regulations including fire and noise issues is given to all guests
  • We can give you information on fire safety such as fire extinguishers, fire blankets for the kitchen, first aid kits, torch in case of power cuts, smoke alarms.
  • You will need to make sure that all Electrical and Gas Safety checks are in place
  • Your property is looked after and has to look in a presentable state as per website photos
  • Your holiday let has seasonal rates so for example a two bedroom apartment can achieve a rate of £595 per week out of season but in season such as Easter, Summer and Christmas holidays can increase to £795 per week
  • Technology adds value to your holiday home so we do suggest having the vital WiFi information towards the front of your pack along with instructions and guides on the technology such as TV and ovens.
  • You will need to take advise from an accountant what tax you will need to pay on your holiday Let
  • You will need Insurance for your holiday let. Westbeach Properties can recommend Preston Insurance Brokers our contact is Aaron Thorpe can deal with your enquires on 0333 222 1191 or 07540314892.
  • On valuation we are happy to go through a list giving you advice from furniture, appliances and decor to be put in place in order to let your property out as a holiday home
  • We will deduct the basic cleaning charge out of rental income (we will inform you before what that will be) after guests leave in readiness for a new let or for maintaining your property to a good standard. If further cleaning is required above this when guests leave this will be charged for our of their deposit
  • We recommend providing consumables such as toilet rolls, washing up liquid, cloths etc for your guests or, we can source and provide this for you at a charge of £10 per turnaround.
  • If your holiday home was unlikely to be unoccupied for periods during winter months we would advise keeping the heating on low to prevent burst pipes and reducing the likelihood of mold growth. Another advantage of this will of course keep your property cosy for the next guest or your own visit
  • We would advise you to look into covering loss of income, for example if something happened to your property due to fire or flood rendering your property out of action in the busy period as there are companies that will cover this

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