Soon letting agents will legally have to complete electrical checks on rented properties that they manage for increased electrical safety.

Proposals have been made and outlined in the Electrical Safety Standards Regulations 2020 and are expected to become law in June this year.
So what does this all mean? It means that private landlords and letting agents will be responsible for ensuring that electrical installations within rented properties are tested by a qualified person. It will apply to new tenancies that begin from the 1st June 2020, for existing tenancies, they must be checked by April 2021. Failure to get these tests done could result in a fine of up to £30,000.

Similar to how gas safety checks are carried out on boilers and gas ovens, it will result in a similar report to a gas safety certificate. A copy of the electrical report will have to be given to the tenants residing in the property.

The government is said to publish new guidance on the level of testing that is required and also the qualifications needed of the contractor carrying out these tests.
Although this may seem like a pain to some, it is great that more legislation is coming into place to ensure that tenants are not subject to faulty electrical equipment or possible electrical hazards.

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