I wanted to mention my experience at the Dome cinema, Worthing last night and what a lovely place to stay for your holiday/short term break or weekend.  The Dome cinema is located right on Worthing beach and last night I went with my middle son to see the film that everybody has been talking about ‘Avengers Endgame’.  It was like going back in time and how this has been kept exactly the same when it first opened in 1911. You almost feel like you are of that era and how beautiful it is in there.  This is far more enjoyable then these modern cinemas and cheaper too!  The auditorium has the main area for your tickets and snacks and to the left is this lovely bar area but what got me was the original ticket booth at the front that you see in these old films.  When we sat in screen 2 upstairs I noticed that it still has the little window for the projector and that took me back to when I was a child and teenager going to the cinema in East Street, Brighton.

One film that was filmed there was ‘Wish You Were Here’ in 1987 and was focused on a teenager girl living on the south coast during the 1950’s. I remember seeing this film years ago and portrays very effectively how life must have been like for a teenager in those days. 

The upstairs part of the Dome has an event room which is for private parties and weddings. I had a quick look while I was there and the room looked stunning and has this lovely balcony overlooking Worthing beach and the sea. I thought this is an amazing venue and how popular this is for weddings especially.

I can highly recommend visiting the Dome and all that Worthing has to offer and at Westbeach Properties we offer accommodation in Worthing if you are thinking of a weekend break or short stay. Located in Bedford Row we have ‘Bedford Loft’, this is a top floor 2 bedroom apartment that can sleep up to 6 guests (one in the lounge sofa bed), and at the bottom of this road a few yards is the seafront and the Dome cinema. The other property we have is a lovely 1 bedroom located in Longfellow Road a short walking distance to central Worthing and can accommodate 4 guests and has a beautiful rear garden for those Summer evenings. You will see both of these properties on our website www.westbeachproperties.com and the links to Bedford Row is: https://westbeachproperties.com/property-search/holiday-lets/73/ and the link to Longfellow Road is: https://westbeachproperties.com/property-search/holiday-lets/111/

If you would like more information and availability for these two lovely properties please either give us a call on 01273 911213 or you can email us on info@westbeachproperties.com id=”epl

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