How to reduce moving costs
When moving you should think of what times your thinking of as it can cost you a lot of money moving in peak times, the busiest times are in the summer especially on a Friday or the weekdays by moving mid-week and in autumn you may considerably reduce how home moving cost by doing this you may get discounts on removal companies to secure your custom. If your moving on a budget being flexible with your move date could help you secure a better date.

Plan your move – make sure to plan your move to avoid any extra cost the ideal time to start planning your move is 8 weeks before you move. The less likely you are to forget to do something which could lead to more money. Also by planning ahead of time you will have the chance to get a estimate on removal companies to help you determine what removal company to use.

Reduce your out going costs before moving day – you will be way too busy a week or or two so why not cancel them to save money, if you try to plan your moving day when your bills are due then you can stop certain services before you start to incur next months charges, like use all your open packets of food and the contents in your fridge and freezer before moving day. There maybe some interesting combinations but it will be worth it instead of moving half empty packet of food to the next place.
Use all the bottles of opened cleaning materials before moving day, they may leak In transit and damage your possessions, the cost of transit will outweigh the costs of buying new ones when you arrive at the new home.

You should check different cable/satellite tv, insurances or mobile phones to your compare alternative providers to see if you can save a few pounds every month.

Buying moving materials will take a big chunk out of your budget checklist – there are ways to find away to save money by using clothing, bedding, towels to wrap fragile items and pad out packing boxes so that you save on buying bubble wrap
You can use old magazines for wrapping and padding, but be careful with newsprint as it may rub onto your items

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