English Tourism Week in Brighton

The tourism industry is a major part of Brighton. Last year over 11 million visitors came to Brighton and they were estimated to spend over £886 million and supported the equivalent of almost 16.000 jobs. (Approx. 14 per cent of all local jobs). With a lot of other wonderful people we were a part of celebrating the English Tourism Week at the Brighton Palace Pier.
Mr. Johnson’s reopening of the Palm Court Restaurant
Despite the cold and windy weather the Palace Pier boss Luke Johnson marked the English Tourism Week with the reopening of the Palm Court Restaurant. The Palm Court Restaurant also known as the spiritual home of fish and chips welcomed friends and supporters with delicious drinks and tasty food. Along with many others, we celebrated the reopening of the Palm Court Restaurant. Luke Johnson who owns Brighton Palace Pier, held a speech for the attendees. He gave an upbeat assessment of the prospects for the tourism. He encouraged investment in people and places, saying: “We’ve spent a lot of money over the past year and I think we’ll continue to do so.” It wasn’t just about keeping the pier standing but also about improving what was on offer to visitors.
Mr. Johnson did also speak about the country’s tourism industry and seaside resorts, adding: “Brighton is unquestionably the best”. But this is something that has to be maintained, it will not do this by itself. “We have to keep improving our marketing and get better at recruiting people to come and work in the industry” he added. But he was optimistic and therefore he finished his speech, saying: “We have to play to our strengths, and while we may not always have the weather, there’s always something going on, with Brighton famous for its creative industries.

Thanks for having us and what a lovely place to eat!

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