How to double your days off in 2018- 24 holidays in a row with any booking 14 days of annual leave.

Thinking off booking your next holiday for this year. You can double your number of days off without having having to take the extra time off.
How do I double my time off? All you need to do is plan your time off wisely around bank holidays and weekends.You can now book around two months away from the office, while only taking allocated leave off. This will only work if you work a normal shift pattern with weekends and bank holidays off. When Easter break comes along ask for your holidays to be booked around March 24 and April 8. This will be a 16 day holiday with 8 precious leave days this includes weekends in-between.

In May, you can get a block of days off, by taking 14 days of leave. Ask for leave between May 5 and May 28. This time off includes May bank holiday, may 7 and spring bank holiday; on May 28
In august there is another opportunity to double your time off.
When you’re at work ask your boss to leave between august 25 and September, you could book off a nine-day holiday using four days of your annual leave.

It seems far away now but December is the time you will really benefit for strategic holidays planning. Book between December 22 and January 6, you can get a massive 16 days off taking just seven days of annual leave.

If you want to get in there early, check out our website at and get booking your holiday let now!

Bank Holidays 2018:
New Year’s Day – January 1 2018
Good Friday – March 30 2018
Easter Monday – April 2 2018
Early May Bank Holiday (May Day) – May 7 2018
Spring Bank Holiday – May 28 2018
August Bank Holiday – August 27 2018
Christmas Day – December 25 2018
Boxing Day – December 26 2018

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