Here at Westbeach Properties in Hove, we have compiled a list of the biggest mistakes that you can make during the process of selling your home.

1. Not being ready to sell, this is not good, especially when it is getting to the final stages of the property selling process. You may have gone all the way through this process, but not realising until the end that you are not entirely emotionally ready to leave your property. This can cause a whole load of issues for all parties and can cost quite a bit of money. So if you are planning on putting your property on the market, make sure you are entirely ready to do so.

2. One of the biggest mistakes someone can make whilst selling their home, is overpricing it. It is not worth trying to price your house at £400,000 for example on a street where the average is only £250,000. Most buyers are not going to be willing to pay that much for a house on a street that has house only worth around £250,000.

3. Failing to showcase your home, buyers are looking for homes not just houses and will appreciate a home that has been showcased to its best potential. This means promoting parts of the house that are unique and making sure that the house is clean and tidy. If you just leave your home with children’s toys around in every room of the house and the kitchen with unwashed dishes, most viewers won’t appreciate it and that will be in their mind for the rest of the viewing.

4. It is also the same when it comes to failing to do repairs, if a viewer walks in and can clearly see that there is a cupboard hanging off of its hinges, the kitchen tiles are cracked or there is a broken window, what will they be thinking about the rest of the house. By doing some simple repairs, it can really increase your chances of finding a buyer.

5. Being there at every viewing. This is a common mistake and is not necessary. The job of the estate agent is to present your property to the potential buyer and they have skills in how to sell a home, so sometimes it is just best to let people do the jobs that they are trained in doing.

6. The last mistake is being your own photographer with your iPhone, shots like these are unlikely to look professional, and so it is a good idea to let your estate agent arrange for photographs to be taken that will be used to advertise the property. They will also pick the best angles for the shots as well.

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