Here at Westbeach Properties we understand when moving into a rented property it can sometimes be hard to make it feel like your own. Therefore, we have compiled a list of decorating tips that will be helpful when you have a deposit to think of.

1) Removable Wallpaper – this type of wallpaper is easy to remove and doesn’t leave any residue or damage. You can find it in so many different colours, styles and patterns so there is sure to be something to match your style.
2) Wall stickers – you could pick your favourite quote or just a pretty picture to jazz up any room. This are quick to apply and easy to remove. Tile stickers are also a thing, these could be used in the bathroom or on the splashback in the kitchen to make it look a bit more exciting.
3) Command hooks – perfect for towels and coats, it allows you to hang up your belonging without damaging the walls with screws and nails.
4) Removable window film, this can be used to simply make the windows opaque, but you can also buy it to match the rest of the décor.
5) Use accessories and fabrics to fill a room with your own style and to liven up a dull and plain area. This could be done through curtains, cushions and throws for example.
6) If you are not too keen on the flooring, find a large rug that matches your décor and covers almost all of your floor.
7) When it is not your own property and your running low on storage place you don’t have the opportunity to just make your own storage space or knock walls down. Instead use space-saving furniture such as ottomans which have more than one use, as a seat and a storage box.
8) If you do not have permission to paint the walls, then paint your furniture, this can bring just as much colour to the space as a painted wall would.
9) Change door knobs and handles on furniture. If they are truly not to your taste or style than change them so something more you. These will be quick and easy to swap back when you move out.
10) This is the same for lamp shades and curtains, they can be changed to suit you but are also extremely to put back to normal before moving out.

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